Operating Theatre arrow HU6-S2-250: Ceiling Mounted Pendant

HU6-S2-250: Ceiling Mounted Pendant
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HU6-S2-250: Ceiling Mounted Pendant

Area of use: Trauma, operating theatre and Intensive care

The HU-6-S2-250 ceiling pendant supports devices and monitoring equipment in close proximity to the patient area, in trauma, operating theatre of Intensive care, realising critical efficiencies for the care giver. The pendant system is designed for payloads up to 250Kg and uses pneumatic brake control system to facilitate easy movement of supported devices. Electric and gas services are integrated in the service column as to clients requirements, each pendant is a custom made solution. Sufficient pole mounting solutions provide space for attachment of flat screens patient monitors and infusion devices.


Datasheet: HU6-S2-250

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