Normal Care arrow HU2: Vertical/Horizontal Bedhead Service System

HU2: Vertical/Horizontal  Bedhead Service System
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HU2: Vertical/Horizontal Bedhead Service System

Area of use: All Areas, Normal Care

The HU2 is a riser that is used as a feeder for units where there is no recessed wall service box is available through which to route services. In such cases, use will be made of a riser where gas lines and cables are routed in separate channels within the HU2 through to the ceiling as required.


The bedhead service unit is fixed behind, to the side of, or above the patient bed or trolley position;

The unit is manufactured from anodized aluminium


The product can accommodate various types of power and medical gas outlets, fitted to suit the clients’ specifications;

The unit has an integrated medical equipment rail mounting attachments and medical equipment;

Allowance is made for a nurse call system and data to be added.


Can be used in conjunction with Hutz lighting systems.


The HU2 is a vertical or horizontal wall mounted unit.