Normal Care arrow HU18: Vertical Bedhead Service System

HU18: Vertical Bedhead Service System
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HU18: Vertical Bedhead Service System

Areas of Use:

Normal Care Wards


The HU18 is a vertically mounted bedhead service supply system, which incorporates horizontal light channels over the patient areas;

The centre panel is available in a 360mm or 560mm width, depending on either aesthetic expectations or the quantity of services required per service system;

The centre fascia can have a vinyl applied in various colours.


The centre panel acts as a feeder for all services;

The product contains switch sockets, night light, medical gas outlets, medical rails and the nurse call system;

A wide choice of electrical and gas outlets adhering to regional specifications can be utilized.


The HU18’s integrated luminaires provide for the patient reading light and room lighting;

The unit can be provided with a maintenance-free LED night light which is built into the underside of the unit to illuminate the floor beside the two beds.


The HU18 is available as either single bed individual units or a two bed unit with shared services;

Side channels allow easy access for maintenance without any re-alignment needed.



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