Normal Care arrow HU10: Horizontal Bedhead Service System

HU10: Horizontal Bedhead Service System
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HU10: Horizontal Bedhead Service System

Areas of Use:

Normal Care to High Care Wards, Medical Consultation Rooms, Induction Rooms, Recovery Wards, Intensive Care Units, Trauma Units, Operating Theatres and Clinics


The HU10 horizontal service supply system can be wall mounted or ceiling suspended;

The unit is widely specified as the preferred system in South African hospitals;

The product profile is angled to discourage staff and patients from placing unwanted items on the unit;

Anodized aluminium profiles give the product a hardwearing surface that withstands the environmental

rigors of daily use.


The product can accommodate various types of power and medical gas outlets, fitted to suit the clients’ specifications;

The unit has an integrated medical equipment rail mounting attachments and medical equipment;

Allowance is made for a nurse call system and data to be added.


General room lighting, individual reading and night lights are incorporated into the product design.


The HU10 is supported on a full length wall mounted rail, which can be pre-fitted prior to completion of the ward;

The HU10 suspended unit is utilized where wall space is limited or unavailable to mount the unit and allows services to be brought closer to the patient, while keeping the area clutter free;

Installation service access is provided through riser, or rear entry;

Hinged lids provide easy access to service connections and ensure correct product alignment once secured.


Datasheet HU10

Datasheet HU10 Suspended

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