Intensive Care arrow HU4-FF: Floor to Ceiling Mounted Pendant

HU4-FF: Floor to Ceiling Mounted Pendant
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HU4-FF: Floor to Ceiling Mounted Pendant

Area of use:  Intensive Care, High-care, Resuscitation, Emergency and Trauma

The HU4-FF, Floor to Ceiling pendant, is ideally designed to provide a cost effective solution for the supply of services and equipment mounting where the use of a conventional ceiling or wall system is not possible. The HU4-FF service column is based on the design of our renowned ICU and Theatre systems and offers the same standard in services. The unit can be customised to the required area of use in the hospital. Utilising Hutz multipurpose adaptor clamps, an almost unlimited range of equipment and apparatus can be conveniently mounted to the four 38mm equipment poles.  The unit is also available with a rotating service column - HU4-FFR.



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