Intensive Care arrow HU6-250: Ceiling Mounted Pendant

HU6-250: Ceiling Mounted Pendant
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HU6-250: Ceiling Mounted Pendant

Area of use: Intensive Care, Resuscitation, Operating Theatre

The HU6-250 Ceiling Pendant is the optimal solution for positioning equipment close to the patient and within arms reach of the care giver. With monitoring, ventilation and respiratory suction on one column and intravenous infusions on the other, safety around the patient is enhanced. The ergonomic design of the HU6 ICU pendant conforms to the standards of clean room technology. Walls and floors are free of cable clutter, allowing quick and efficient cleaning around the bed. The pendant is available in various configurations: HU6--T12-250, HU6-T22-250, HU6-T11-250, HU6-S1-250 and HU6-S2-250.


Datasheet: HU6-T22-250

Datasheet: HU6-T12-250

Datasheet: HU6-S1-250

Datasheet: HU6-S2-250



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