Intensive Care arrow HU5: Ceiling Mounted Pendant

HU5: Ceiling Mounted Pendant
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HU5: Ceiling Mounted Pendant

Area of use: Intensive care, High Care, Recovery, and Trauma

The HU5 Ceiling Pendant was developed to facilitate the orderly and accessible positioning of equipment for monitoring, infusion and ventilation of the ICU patient. Ventilation tubes and infusion lines are grouped at the top corners of the bed, allowing the care giver efficient access to the patients head and either side of the bed. Access around the bed is unobstructed, improving efficiencies of patient care. The pendant is available in various configurations: HU5-FT2, HU5-S1, HU5-S2, HU5-T12, HU5-T22.


Datasheet HU5-FT2

Datasheet HU5-T22

Datasheet HU5-T12

Datasheet HU5-S1

Datasheet HU5-S2

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