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HU-MER: Medical Equipment Rails
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HU-MER: Medical Equipment Rails

Area of use: Various Wards

The "Gabler" shape medical rail is fitted with ABS formed end protection  and supplied in various configurations.


HU-MER-W  (Wall Mounted)

Supplied complete with the appropriate wall washers, anchors and distance pillars. Three different lenghts of distance pillars are available : 50mm, 109mm and 150mm.

HU-MER-W-300                 300mm

HU-MER-W-600                 600mm

HU-MER-W-1000              1000mm

 HU-MER-W-1500             1500mm


HU-MER-P  (Pole Mounted)

Supplied complete with fixed pole mounted clamp. Suitable for ø25mm and ø38mm equipment pole. 

HU-MER-P-150                  150mm

HU-MER-P-300                  300mm


HU-MER-PS  (Pole Swivel Mounted)

Supplied complete with swivel type pole mounted clamp. Suitable for ø25mm and ø38mm equipment pole.

HU-MER-PS-150                150mm

HU-MER-PS-300                300mm


HU-MER-DP  (Double Pole Mounted)

Supplied complete with 2 x pole mounted clamps. Suitable for ø25mm and ø38mm equipment pole at a determined pitch to mount on the Hutz pendant systems.

HU-MER-DP150                 367mm





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