The result of extensive research and development, the HUGO LED medical examination light is the perfect light solution for use by medical practitioners in consultation rooms, ICU’s, normal care wards and trauma units.

Offering an operating reach of 1200mm on the HUGO-W/R/P/D (wall, rail, pole and desk clamp options), the HUGO LED ensures the illumination of the target area with easy one-handed positioning of the unit.

The ceiling mounted HUGO-C version, introduces slip-ring technology to facilitate 360 rotation that provides maximum working range over the patient area. Standard unit configurations to suit 2.4m, 2.7m and 3m ceiling heights ensure reduced lead times, while non-standard heights can be catered for on request.

The mobile base for the HUGO-M is specially designed to keep the center of gravity and product weight as low as possible for maximum vertical stability. The mobile unit boasts specially designed soft bumpers to protect the user during positioning; in addition medical grade castors will guarantee smooth mobility of the light.

With its internal brake system, the HUGO LED units provide true innovation in examination light technology by eliminating the need for manually adjusted friction brakes at each articulated joint.

This “in house” designed and patented technology allows the user to focus on the procedure at hand, reducing the effort in adjusting the light and simultaneously improving the user experience.

The light source is custom designed and manufactured in Germany and has a minimum source lifespan of > 45 000 hours, with the five LED’s ensuring a luminance output of 50 000 LUX/500mm.

The unit has been designed with the end user and hospital environment front-of-mind as it includes the following features:

  • A sealed head specifically designed with minimal gaps to prevent the ingress of dust and liquids;
  • All plastic moulded parts contain anti-microbial additives to inhibit bacterial growth while its smooth continuous surfaces ensure easy cleaning;
  • The unit includes an ON/OFF illuminated power switch on the handle for intuitive operation;
  • The HUGO LED has been designed as a maintenance free product
  • The unit ensures a low power consumption with 700mA / 12Watt LEDs required to produce the 50’000 Lux @ 500mm, 150mm beam.

In conclusion, the HUGO LED examination light is a reliable “no nonsense”, CE Compliant, “Proudly South African” product solution, with innovative design features taking cognizance of the patient and end user product interaction offering superior illumination to provide perfect examination conditions.

Should you have any further enquiries on the HUGO LED, please contact Gillian van Zyl on (041) 401 9949 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it