HU20 Salveo - DL

One of the greatest challenges as a manufacturer of hospital supply systems is to translate the customers’ needs into suitable/cost-effective solution. Thanks to our experience and the involvement with the healthcare professionals we are able to provide innovative product solutions which challenge the current systems available on the market.


The HU20 Salveo - DL is our latest development combining the advantages of a horizontal/vertical wall mounted system. It provides a product solution from a general ward to an ICU ward application and will be officially introduced to our product range early 2014.

This system is based on 2 separate vertical supply channels which offer a clear separation for the “wet” and “dry” side together with a horizontal illumination module which offers a highly effective reading light and indirect up-light solution using T5 lamp technology.

Having a dry/wet separation allows one channel to be allocated for the MG supply and the other to the HV/LV electrical supply.

Provision is made in the ceiling void to terminate the supply services at a dedicated junction box. Optional multi-purpose shelves can be fitted to provide sufficient packing space.

This HU20 Salveo - DL will be available as a one bed unit for application in general and private wards, ideal to maintain individual patient privacy. For further information or queries on this unit, please contact our sales office on 041 451 0964.


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