With the ever changing technological advances in the medical industry and increasingly complex critical care environments, it has become even more important to deliver quality care as efficiently as possible.  The Hutz HU5 Ceiling Pendant Range was developed to facilitate the orderly and accessible positioning of equipment for monitoring, infusion and ventilation of the patient. We are proud to announce that we have now extended our range of HU5 units to include the HU5 Bridge System.

The HU5 Bridge System is made up of two single arms with a service pillar on each side. The arms are connected by a horizontal lighting luminary that provides an integrated room and reading light with efficient illumination above and below the patient area. The indirect, glare free lighting provides a pleasant atmosphere for both patient and caregivers.

The unit allows for complete separation of wet and dry service supply on the left and right-hand side of the bed. The orderly grouping of patient lines and tubes at the top corners of the bed allows free access to the patient during routine care. The unit is supplied with 4 standard equipment poles on each service pillar to provide ideal placement of patient monitoring and life-support systems as well as our extensive range of Hutz attachments. The load capacity of each service pillar is 90 kg. The swing arms allow for the positioning of the service pillars and equipment to assure easy access to the head and upper body of the patient, saving critical seconds during resuscitation.

Gas terminals are positioned vertically to allow for direct insertion of gas probes and flow meters whilst a wide variety of switch-socket outlets, data and nurse-call systems can be incorporated into the service pillars. Smooth surfaces throughout design minimise dust collection and facilitate easy cleaning. The units still feature the innovative corner extrusion with spring-loaded flap, which secures the fascias, eliminates all surface mounting screws and makes maintenance quick and easy.

The neat order around the bed presents professionalism, which instills confidence in the patient and family who often feel overwhelmed by the ICU environment.

For more information on this unit, please call our sales department at 041 451 0964.


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