Asked to describe the “Hutz Family”, I would say that we are positive, professional, and determined to make things happen.  I’m proud to be a member of the team.  For me, reaching the age of 75 does not bring the traditional “Old Man” label; as the Chairman of Hutz Medical I am as fit as ever, full of energy, and eager to meet the challenges of the competitive environment we face today. Indeed, the 40 years of experience in South Africa has sharpened my business acumen whilst the many sacrifices over the years have fed my determination to persevere and succeed.


It’s not an easy market place that we face in South Africa today, and it’s almost commonplace to encounter businessmen, and that includes some of our customers, who feel sorry for themselves. Projects have been postponed; the government has delayed payments yet again; finance just isn’t available; and so on!  Obviously in this environment, even the best business and financial practices are not always sufficient to combat the obstacles; we need to be both prudent and aggressive if we are to stem the tide of imports and keep local production alive!

We are determined to keep the flag of local design and manufacture flying high in South Africa. In this way the State has the guarantee of being supplied the right product for every installation. The benefits are immense – product longevity which saves replacements in years to come, and custom design that assists all medical practitioners; surgeons, doctors, and our very valuable medical nurses. To date we have manufactured more than 60 km of guaranteed Bedhead Service Supply Systems to the hospital environment; we do indeed know what is needed and how to do it!

Wolfgang Hutz