HUGO-LED Medical Inspection Light



HUGO-LED Medical Inspection Light


Over many years, the Hutz name has become synonymous with high quality. Renowned for developing and manufacturing hospital service systems for over four decades, Hutz also boasts an extensive Medical Lighting Range that consists of Operating Theatre, Procedure and Examination Lights. With a focus on continuous improvement in every aspect of our business, Hutz Medical is proud to announce that we will be extending our range of Medical Lighting to include the brand new HUGO series of inspection lights.

Extensive research into both the needs of the market and technological advances has led to the design of the new light. The emphasis on ergonomics resulted in a cool touch switched-handle for easy on-off operation which is also used to direct the light into position. Re-evaluating the shortfalls of the current friction knuckle and internal spring design, a new method of maintaining a fix position was developed.  The internal clutch/brake system (CB) is a true innovation which eliminates manual adjustment onsite or during use. The CB system is factory pre-adjusted and maintenance free during the lifespan of the light.

The use of LED technology allows for a low energy, high output light source with minimal heat radiation within the light field. Five high power LED’s provide a light output of 50 000 lux at 0.5m. The colour temperature of 4500 K is ideal for general examination procedures in consulting rooms, normal care environments and ICU’s thanks to a colour rendering index of >85.  Colour elements in the design allow the client to customise their own unit to suit the intended environment.

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