Brief History

Hutz Lighting Technique, now trading as Hutz Medical, forms part of the Hutz Group of Companies, founded by German entrepreneur and designer, Wolfgang Hutz. In 1970 he started manufacturing a range of high-tech lighting equipment in a small Port Elizabeth factory and, from the very outset, sought to attain the very highest levels of quality. He also believed that business success could only be achieved through the production of superior products.

Fifteen years later, after considerable research and development, hospital equipment was added to the product range.  The high standards of quality, safety and hygiene required for hospital products made it the logical choice for expansion and diversification. This move was so successful that by the mid 1990’s the company had become a dedicated manufacturer of hospital products.  To meet the increasing demand for the Hutz hospital service systems, the company had to prepare for future expansion.

In 1999 new premises were acquired and the Hutz Group of Companies was formed.