Hutz Medical

The HUTZ brand name is synonymous with high quality hospital equipment which makes life easier for the users physicians, nurses and patients alike. Our products are known for their innovative, modern and aesthetic designs, which are underpinned by practical technology, resulting in dependability and durability.

As market leader, our range of hospital equipment has been developed in consultation with Healthcare Professionals, enabling us to create user-friendly equipment tailored to the care giver. This partnership has extended to architects, engineers and contractors who are instrumental in the establishment of new medical facilities and understand the requirements of the medical fraternity.

The name HUTZ is more than just a well-recognized brand for medical equipment, it is also a concept. This concept embraces a range of hospital service systems that have been designed and manufactured in South Africa for a market that is both high-tech and demanding.

The Hutz products are durable and technically advanced which make them ideally suitable for export to the rest of Africa, and beyond.